video installation  
'Time' scratched on a wall. It is written in Spanish, on the wall of a cell at the prison –now a museum- in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. I've never seen a better encapsulation of the concept of imprisonment than this graffitti. As you see the image it becomes evident that no further explanation is needed. The image will be displayed at the entrance as a visual foreword to the video installation The Cage.
Revisiting the subject, As you go into the dark, black-walled room you will face the projection. I intend to situate the viewer close to the place of the prisoner, an encaged tiger engaging in long periods of repetitive movement inside the cage. This movement is of course determined by the relative sizes of tiger and cage, such that his movements are optimized to the only possible path given the tight space available. Given that both the duration and the distance are repeated, one can imagine that in the tiger's brain there exists a double incarcellation, both spatial and temporal. Moreover, the tiger's path traces over and over the sign of infinity. I would like to make visible the passing of a suspended time and give this installation both a reflexive and hypnotic character.

View video simulation

The projection displays the enclosed tiger superposed to an object which I have created based on the filming of the tiger; constructed by the extrapolation, in a spatial dimension, of the frames that would typically occur in temporal succession. In this case, echoing the event being represented, the spatio-temporal object closes into itself. The experience of being inside this object is magnified by the cyclic pattern of the spatial and temporal spectrum of the image of the enclosed tiger.

View video simulation The Cage- inside view -frame

Behind, by the entrance door there will be monitors displaying other views of the same object
The Cage- original shot and different views
Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez 2002-2007