BIOGRAPHY (ongoing project)



tania ruiz

Tania RUIZ GUTIERREZ is a French, Colombian and Chilean national. She was born in Chile and was raised in Colombia. She studied film and television in Bogota. Since 1999 she has been living in Paris, working mainly in video and in the visual arts. In 2004 she completed a PhD in arts (University of Paris I) and holds a research and teaching position since 2011 (University of Paris VIII). Her artworks have appeared in several international exhibitions and festivals. Public space has been a central subject of her artistic research and practice. In 2009 she created 'GardeTemps' a light and video temporary sculpture for the City of Vancouver Olympic Public Art Program. Her monumental installation Elsewhere, is in display at the Malmö 'Citytunneln' Central Station since late 2010. Between 2012 and 2016 she worked mainly in generative video pieces and installations. In 2016 she completed the 'The missing picture' - a discontinuous artwork for Nydala and 'Örebro Variations' for the City of Örebro in spring 2017.

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